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Humankind faces an existential threat due to unparalleled ecological degradation. Thankfully, recognizing the urgency many citizen groups and organizations are supporting the environment through various initiatives. Such initiatives are crucial and provide hope for the future. To succeed, such projects require collaboration between different stakeholders like:

  • Initiators of the project
  • Volunteers to help do the work
  • Donors for providing funds
  • Expert guidance regarding ecology, finance or running a project

Enveave aims to ease the launch and execution of such projects, large or small and get together the Civil Society, individuals, Expert groups, Academia and research community, and Industry in a single place. This fulfills a gap, pulling together different stakeholders interested in launching or supporting environmental initiatives.

Our vision is that Enveave will become the platform for all environmental initiatives by citizens and organizations in India and the main forum for anyone who wants to contribute to the environment.
Chipko movement